TiSSA Archive 2003
At the end of Summer 2003, more than 90 colleagues from 12 countries and three continents visited St. Petersburg to participate in the first international Summer Academy 'Social work and society - Mapping the way forward'. During one week, PhD-students and professionals from social work practice, theory and education as well as social administration and welfare organisations worked together on perspectives of international social work. National best practice examples and current research activities were presented, fundamental reflections on quality and organisations of social services took place. Through more than 30 lectures, the participants discussed the implications of actual socio-economical and -political transitions for the social professions. It was an amazing although laborious week!
As organisers of the first international Summer Academy 'Social Work and Society - Mapping the way forward' we would like to thank all participants for their creative contribution and co-organizers for their encouragement. Your continued support and cooperation would be very much appreciated