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General information

Professionals, academics, Phd and high grade final year students from Europe and beyond are invited to join the 15th TiSSA Pre and Plenum Conference in Olsztyn, Poland. Their exchanges will impact on theoretical and practical development in their countries of origin. The members of the academy will have the potential to become a pool of intellectual and professional resources.

The conference fee includes the conference bag with TiSSA book of abstracts, TiSSA certificate, catering during the breaks, receptions, farewell diner and field visits. All participants are expected to pay for their own board and lodging. The TiSSA executive board will offer advantageous accommodation arrangements for all participants. Please notice that paid fees are not refundable in the case of cancellation and that participants who did not submit an abstract for the Pre Conference cannot attend this Pre Conference. Of course, they can attend the Plenum Conference.

Like every year, we offer reduced fees for participants from Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC). Participants who are eligible for this reduced fee, need to contact the TiSSA Secretary.


Farewell diner

Professionals, This years Farewell party/diner is included in the conference fee. However, participants who want to join this diner are obliged to register for it when registering for attending the conference. Participants who are not registered for it, will not be able to join the Farewell Diner.

Payment details

This registration for attending the TiSSA 2017 Conference is not complete untill payment has been made. Participants are supposed to pay the correct amount as received in their confirmation e-mail by bank transfer. When doing so, do not forget to mention the following description when making the payment: "TiSSA 2017 + your full name". For example: "TiSSA 2017 Jochen Devlieghere"

Participants can choose if they want to pay in Euro or Zloty. Please be aware that their are two different accounts, one for Euro and for Zloty. The following account information is therefore important to complete a correct transfer:


Beneficiary's details

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Michala Oczapowskiego 2

Olsztyn (Poland)


Beneficiary's account when paying in Euro

IBAN: PL45 1030 1218 0000 0000 9278 5032


Bank Adress: Bank Handlowy w Warszawie

o/Olsztyn; ul. Pstrowskiego

10-602 Olsztyn


Beneficiary's account when paying in Zloty

IBAN: PL51 1030 1986 2700 0000 1988 0050


Bank Adress: Bank Handlowy w Warszawie

o/Olsztyn; ul. Pstrowskiego

10-602 Olsztyn


Participation fee (in €)
  before 10.07. (early bird) After 10.07.
  Regular Reduced* Regular Reduced*
academics and professionals (Plenum) 190.00 90.00 275.00 170.00
PhD Students (PreConference & Plenum) 150.00 70.00 225.00 150.00
* reduction on request for CEEC participants