Hans-Uwe Otto Award

The Hans-Uwe Otto Social Work PhD Award

Prof. Dr. Hans-Uwe Otto was one of the founders and long-time chair of The International Social Work and Society Academy (TiSSA). To honour his legacy, the University of Bielefeld, The German Education Union GEW and Tissa have created the Hans Uwe-Otto Social Work PhD award. 


True to the original aim of Hans-Uwe Otto, TiSSA wants to build a strong European Social Work research community, and specifically show solidarity and collaboration with countries all around Europe. The PhD award intends to support young researchers, with a special focus on Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. 


The award contains the following:

  • Free participation in (one of the next) TiSSA conference(s), PhD - Pre and/or Plenum Conference
  • A travel (trip and lodging) grant to attend (one of the next) TiSSA conference(s)
  • The possibility of having a draft of a journal article reviewed by two supervisors 

The candidates for the award are PhD students :

  • Who are carrying out a PhD in the field of Social Work
  • Who will present their PhD at the TiSSA PhD - Pre Conference
  • Who participate in the main TiSSA conference
  • Being a PhD student in the above mentioned countries is recommended

The  award jury will be the supervisors at the TiSSA PhD - Pre Conference who decide the award on the basis of the topic and presentation of the project at the PhD - Pre Conference


An award ceremony will take place at the opening session of the Plenum TiSSA conference


The work of the award holder will be included in the TiSSA website