TiSSA 2024 athens

20th Annual PhD-Pre and Plenum conference 23-28 August 2024

TiSSA 2024

Online lectures in the framework of the specialist doctoral course 'Social Work as a Practice of Transparency' spring 2024  


Different lectures by international experts in conducting social work research provide insights and food for thought for a broad audience. Participation is free of charge and accessible to everyone interested! In the afternoon, we organise interactive seminars with enrolled PhD students and lecturers. 


TiSSA Conference Deinstitutionalising social work: rethinking logics of research and practice 23 - 28 August 2024 


The TiSSA Conference is the annual meeting of academics and professionals from all over the world. Plenary sessions, panel debates and working groups excite serious but lively discussions. The conference is born by the inquisitiveness and engagement of the participants, which realise each program by their papers and statements and vitalise the idea of a cross-national network of social professions. All information can be found online!  

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Registration to attend the conference is still possible! 

Countdown to Athens

The programs of the Pre - PhD & Plenum Conference are now online!