Tips when you visit Ghent

‘The historic heart of Flanders’, ‘a city of all ages’, ‘Mediaeval Manhattan’ and ‘Europe’s best-kept secret’: these are some nicknames Ghent has collected over the years.  Therefore, TiSSA is happy to announce that this years conference will take place in this beautiful city. Ghent is easily accessible from all over the world and when travelling to Ghent you have several options. With two train stations in the city and the international 'Brussels Airport' in Zaventem less than an hour away, arriving by train or plane are certainly easy options.


From Brussels Airport to Ghent
Ghent is about 45 minutes away from Brussels Airport, Belgium's national airport in Zaventem. The airport has its own train station, Brussels-Airport-Zaventem, which offers a direct connection to Ghent. The train station is located underneath the airport and can be accessed via the lifts and escalators in the arrivals hall.


From Brussels South Charleroi airport to Ghent

Brussels South Charleroi airport is at a 70 minutes’ drive from Ghent. A shuttle bus drives from the airport of Charleroi to Bruges via Ghent nine times a day. 


Railway stations: Gent Sint Pieters & Gent Dampoort

If you travel to Belgium via the European high-speed train network, you can transfer to a train to Ghent at the station of Bruxelles-Midi, Antwerp or Lille (France).


When in Ghent:

Of course we can’t sum up a city like Ghent in a few sentences. You need to see and hear, taste and experience it for yourself. A walk in the historic centre, visiting musea and admire the world-famous masterpiece—the Mystic Lamb by the Van Eyck brothers are some of the few options to do when you visit Ghent.  


Here you can find some must see/do things. 


- Would you like to discover Ghent by bike? There are many organisations in the city from which you can rent bikes

- All measures against the spread of COVID, can be found here