Sustainable social work in times of crises

The current pandemic has shown to not be the great equalizer, yet points more clearly than ever to existing and new societal inequalities penetrating the very fabric of our societies. While some have argued for the death of social work, as it would not be living up to its ideal of social justice and social change, others highlight the opportunity this current disturbance of the equilibrium offers to radicalize a social agenda. In any case, all over the world social work is being challenged to reposition itself in the face of a post-crisis struggle to maintain or challenge the reintroduction of a simple status quo.


In order to address this struggle, TiSSA invited experts from academic social work research, professional fields and policy to the TiSSA 2022 conference in Ghent, Belgium, to discuss the development of sustainable social work in the face of the challenges that the current pandemic and post-crisis struggle pose to societies and the field/discipline of social work itself.